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PVC windows

Durable and reliable.

TOP Piast 76

Currently, the most popular PVC system in our offer, which combines the most modern technologies of window and door profiles. A great solution for residential construction, both for single-family houses, as well as multifamily housing. Moreover, thanks to the combination of modern design with very with good functional properties, it allows you to create a cosy, warm and safe interior.


  • A wide range of colours and veneer structure make it possible to inhibit the actions of the window to the facade and interior
  • Ease and maintenance
  • Comfort of use for years
  • High thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Ability to access customer needs
  • As standard hardware with micro-ventilation from the level of increasing the security level, up to the anti-burglary level

Performance properties

  • Thermal insulation Uf = 1.3 to 1.1 W / (m2K)
  • Acoustic insulation up to 47 dB
  • Air permeability up to class 4
  • Wind load resistance up to class C5 / B5
  • Anti-theft protection for RC2

Available colors of the foil

Profil okienny TOP Piast 76

PASSIVE Piast 88

PVC window and door system of premium class, which has exceptional favourable technical parameters. In addition, thanks to the high acoustic insulation, and thermal, it is an ideal solution for energy-efficient and passive houses. What's more, innovative technology ensures full individuality, high quality and safety. Choice of this system is a fantastic investment that will pay for itself in the following years of use lower energy bills.


  • A wide range of colours and veneer structure make it possible to inhibit the actions of the window to the facade and interior.
  • Ease and maintenance
  • Comfort of use for years
  • High thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Ability to access customer needs
  • As standard hardware with micro ventilation from the level of increasing the security level, up to the anti-burglary level

Performance properties

  • Thermal insulation Uf = 0.93 to 0.98 W / (m2K)
  • Acoustic insulation up to 47 dB
  • Air permeability up to class 4
  • Wind resistance class C5 / B5
  • Anti-theft protection for RC2

Available colors of the foil

Profil okienny PASSIVE Piast 88

PSK tilt and slide windows

System 76

Economical constructions, created with the use of a window system. PSK is a much better solution than a standard balcony window. Simply, for a small surcharge, you will significantly improve the functionality of patio doors. Most importantly, PSK takes up much less space, and in addition, they can be made in any window system.

Profil okienny uchylno-przesuwny

HST lift and slide doors

A solution that allows a significant increase in glazing, which will make it more attractive any interior, any place. High, high parameters, the possibility of using lift and slide applications, for only some advantages of HS. Perfect to make “home” without barriers “for people with disabilities, thanks to the fact that HS is flush with the floor. Do you want to have or you have a terrace - the perfect solution for you!


  • A wide range of colours and veneer structure make it possible to inhibit the actions of the window to the facade and interior
  • Ease and maintenance
  • Comfort of use for years
  • High thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Ability to access customer needs
  • As standard hardware with micro-ventilation from the level of increasing the security level, up to the anti-burglary level

Performance properties

  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Air permeability
  • Wind resistance

Available colors of the foil

Drzwi przeszklone podnoszono-przesuwane

Plastic windows in houses are a guarantee of safety and thermal comfort for the whole family. If you care about the standard and are looking for solid plastic windows that will serve you for many years, you've come to the right place! Check out our plastic windows, which have been satisfying our customers from all over Europe for over 30 years! Provide your loved ones with comfort and high-class aesthetic experience. Call today and arrange a free quote.

We have been producing plastic windows for 30 years

During 30 years of our activity, we have completed thousands of residential and industrial investments, not only in Poland, but also in Germany and other European countries. But we have many more advantages! The plastic windows of our company have been impressing with their precision and durability for decades. The measure of the company's success is not the number of completed orders, but the trust that has been placed in us for almost three decades by customers who have decided to buy windows in our company. We are glad that we can make our contribution to helping investors, developers, and in particular families, in creating cozy and safe houses and businesses. We deliver good windows to the buildings of our clients from all over Europe with passion and dedication.

Plastic windows and a comprehensive package of additional services

We produce window joinery using Kömmerling profiles . What's more, our structures are created according to the most modern technical solutions. Certainly, it will confirm you in the fact that we focus on the highest quality.

When it comes to the door issue, our priority is to understand your needs. Regardless of whether it is a large order or a project on a smaller scale, you can count on us. Regardless of whether you are placing an order as a company or a private person - we will make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied.

In conclusion, our plastic windows made of PVC are just the tip of the iceberg. We will take care of everything - from taking measurements, to preparing an offer and producing woodwork, to installing windows. Our offer also includes modern internal and external window sills . And all this to ensure that the windows and entrance doors as well as the entire decor are as your home is supposed to be - solid and safe.

Do you need more light in your home? Do you dream of large glass doors? Check out our offer of HST sliding doors.

Plastic windows with assembly

Why do customers choose our plastic windows, when the competition keeps lowering prices, unfortunately also dragging down the quality of the products offered? The answer is simple. Window-Piast products are used in many homes, not only thanks to their aesthetic values, but above all, thanks to their high technical parameters. You can be sure that the glazing package ordered under our banner will be characterized by good thermal and acoustic insulation. We guarantee that the price with assembly for our plastic windows is very affordable in relation to their high quality. The exact valuation is an individual matter, depending on the size of the order and the exact parameters of the project, so we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the free valuation. Plastic windows with assembly

When choosing woodwork for a house or apartment, both the ordered plastic windows are worth paying attention to, as well as their price with assembly, which can significantly differ from one contractor to another. During many years of activity in the industry, we have learned that it is always worth building a friendly relationship with the customer, so we do not stretch on hidden assembly costs. Our specialists will provide you with an accurate quote, taking into account the price of the installation, which will be fully adequate to the standards prevailing on the market. We are a company that plans its development over a longer distance, which is why we know perfectly well that trust is worth much more than small amounts obtained from an overpaying customer. You will not overpay in our company.

An important aspect that is of particular importance in the times of the ecological crisis is the lack of environmental damage thanks to the use of recyclable plastics. In addition, those that are also completely harmless to humans.

However, when it comes to aesthetic topics, we also have a lot to offer in this matter. We are well aware that the basic colors of windows are not enough to meet the expectations of our customers. We understand that originality and creativity can manifest itself even in the construction of a house.

That is why in the Window-Piast you can choose the colors of windows, or rather window profiles, from a variety of colors. Moreover, these profiles are coated on one and both sides with a wood-like veneer in a wide range of patterns. This makes them gain their own unique appearance.

We produce plastic windows, focusing on modern solutions.

We would like to emphasize that thanks to the proprietary KBE technology, we have managed to reduce the width of the visible part of the window profiles. Thanks to this solution, you have almost unlimited possibilities of arranging the facade.

In turn, thanks to the five-chamber system, we managed to obtain maximum stiffness, which translates into greater stability and prevents deformation of plastic window profiles.

This solution allowed us to maintain the functional and optical properties of the material. Common values with Profine allowed us to produce today without poisoning the environment, and the list of satisfied customers is getting longer and longer every year.

How to choose plastic windows? Classes of window profiles

When choosing plastic windows, the key feature that we should pay attention to is their insulation level. It is conditioned, inter alia, by the type of material from which the window joinery is made, as well as important technical parameters:

There are 3 classes of plastic window profiles, according to the PN-EN 12608: 2004 standard. Particular groups differ from each other mainly in the wall thickness:

The purchase of windows is a good moment to consider what the frame looks like, because the profile price will depend on it, among other things. Each interior has its own unique character, and the window frame will not remain indifferent to the rest of the composition. We know from experience that our window profiles are products that will last for many years, so it is worth taking a moment to plan the color palette of the woodwork at home. After all, they can serve us even for several decades!

Our offer includes many color variants, available in various configurations. Thanks to this, we will be able to adjust the framework to your most sophisticated expectations. During the valuation, be sure to tell us your preferences regarding the visual aspect of the ordered windows! Our specialists will help you choose your dream color!

How much do plastic windows cost and what affects their price?

Plastic windows are available in a wide price range, depending on the variant. Standard profiles can be purchased at prices from PLN 100 to PLN 1600. The final impact on the pricing will be size, color and shape. The low-format ones will be the cheapest utility windows in white or brown. When veneer is used, prices increase depending on the shade and configuration. Thermal insulation plays a significant role in the valuation. Double-glazed windows with poor heat-keeping parameters will be the cheapest, while those consisting of 5 panes filled with noble gas will have a higher price due to better technical specifications.

Plastic windows - tilt or turn?

hung windows are a type of profile, the sash of which opens to the left or to the right. Most often it is about 865 mm wide, so it is narrower than the combined models. It works great if we require our window to open wide. However, it may interfere with the use of the interior, if it is tightly covered with e.g. furniture. Swing windows are often used in bathrooms, storerooms and workshops.

Tilt windows are an alternative solution that does not allow us to open them to the full width, but only open at the top. This solution makes it easier to use the windows in those rooms where the equipment or use policy does not allow them to be opened wide. Therefore, this type of windows is often used, for example, in toilets. They are very often found in a horizontal orientation with a width of 865 mm, among others in cellars and utility rooms.

Combined windows are most often installed in both residential and office spaces . In other words, they are windows tilt and turn plastic , equipped with the features of both types of windows. Most often we find them in large sizes, such as 1456 x 1135 mm in the case of small interiors, and in larger sizes also 1465 x 1435 mm.

Wooden or plastic windows?

While wooden windows fascinate us with their natural beauty, plastic windows are highly functional and resistant to weather conditions. Facing the choice of window joinery, we must decide in which direction we are going . Therefore, how choose the best modern windows from among many models?

Despite the fact that nowadays, the precision of the profile is of key importance for its usability, the material from which it is made does not remain without impact on the functionality and technical specification. Therefore, when deciding on a given material, one should take into account the differences between them, which we must take into account.

Reliable plastic windows

The Polish market is dominated by modern plastic windows , which have won many enthusiasts over the last few decades. No wonder, after all, the comfort of their use is really high, and their values are visible at first glance. PVC windows are characterized by:

It is also worth emphasizing that the growing popularity of this type of window joinery drives their continuous development and the implementation of various innovations in their construction. As a company, for many years we have been trying to meet the needs of our customers and deliver to the market products tailored to the growing standards.

Plastic windows - a rich base of colors

windows are functional as a home accessory, but they are also a very important element of interior design. Therefore, when shopping, we will want the frames to match the rest of the room as much as possible. After all, color balance is crucial in interior design.

Until a few years ago, PVC windows were mainly associated with white frames. Nowadays, however, it is this type of windows that gives the greatest opportunities to play with colors, which is why interior designers so eagerly reach for it. The available color range is huge, so it allows us to match the window frames to the furniture and the color of the walls as much as possible. People fascinated by the natural look of wooden joinery will surely appreciate the availability of veneers imitating the appearance of wood. If you have strictly defined color requirements, be sure to check out our aluminum windows, which we can make for you in any color from our sampler.

Another advantage of PVC windows is their easy maintenance. This process requires only regular washing to keep them in perfect condition. PVC is much more resistant than wood to external factors such as rain, sun and wind. In addition, this material is extremely tight, which allows us to minimize heat emission, and this also translates into lower heating bills. Are your windows leaky? Read how to seal windows!

Plastic windows - an innovative winner

The undoubted advantage of alternative wooden windows is their natural material and its unique texture. This traditional solution will work for true enthusiasts of natural materials , while from the utility point of view, plastic windows are much better in this comparison. We would have to pay a lot more for wooden windows and spend a lot of time on regular maintenance. In addition, in their case, we would have a significantly limited palette of available colors. Modern PVC windows give us much more comfort of use and allow us to adjust to the surroundings to a much greater extent than their traditional alternative. The conclusions are simple. In the 21st century, it is better to use plastic windows .

The quality of plastic windows comes first

As you know, prices range from several hundred to several thousand zlotys. Unfortunately, many people follow the lowest price and forget about quality. If you treat the purchase of windows as a long-term investment, you will like our price of a plastic window and its good value for money.

After all, our solid products will be able to serve you flawlessly for many, long years. We guarantee that plastic windows will have an optimal heat transfer coefficient tailored to your needs. Contact us and we will help you choose the best solution for your home or business.

If you have any questions regarding the purchase or assembly - we are here to help. We will do everything to help you find your perfect window to the world.

Plastic windows in an ecological edition

The complete abandonment of lead in the production of PVC windows is quite a challenge in the window industry. This is due to the fact that for many years it was the basic material used to stabilize these profiles.

Thanks to the development of the greenline technology, we have opened a new chapter in the window industry, because instead of lead, we decided to use zinc-lime stabilizers.

With this treatment, we proved that it is possible to produce plastic windows without harming the environment. Care for our surroundings and the sustainable use of natural resources have become the decisive criteria in the production of plastic window profiles.

We work with the best to protect the environment

The ecological approach to production is based on the cooperation of Profine , which is a leader in the industry and a precursor of lead- free window production.

Energy-saving plastic windows

Did you know that it is through the windows that the most heat from the building escapes? In order to lower your heating bills and keep more money in your wallet, it is worthwhile to focus on energy efficiency.

Heat transfer coefficient

The heat transfer coefficient, marked with the Uw symbol, determines the amount of heat that escapes to the outside through the panes in the windows. The lower the coefficient, the less heat we will lose.

For people who value low energy consumption, we have prepared innovative solutions that will help reduce excessive heat emission. Our original project PASSIVE Piast 88 will be perfect for passive houses and wherever greater savings are a priority. Our solution is a long-term investment. Thanks to it, in the coming years you will pay lower heating bills, which in the current geopolitical situation have a tendency to systematically increase. At the same time, we are proud that by delivering our energy-saving window profiles to the market, we are joining the fight against the greenhouse effect and the growing ecological crisis. Therefore, as our client, you can feel that you are contributing to building a better future.

Which form of naming is correct? PVC, PVC or PVC windows?

Among Polish consumers of products from the construction industry, it has been assumed that we define windows made of polyvinyl chloride with the term PVC windows. This form is used interchangeably with PVC, and the abbreviation of PVC window appears. Such a large discrepancy creates information chaos and makes it difficult to make a decision at the time of purchase. To clear up any doubts, it's best to ask what the window manufacturers think.

Are we talking PVC, PVC or PVC windows?

As a window manufacturer, we ensure that PVC windows (from polyvinyl chloride) or PVC windows (from the English Poly Vinyl Chloride ). The common abbreviation "PCV" is incorrect and does not in any way function in international trade nomenclature. Its presence is most likely the result of an incorrect transformation of the English abbreviation. Nevertheless, its popularity is so great that some producers consciously use the incorrect form to attract potential customers. As a result, regardless of what form we use, we will find identical products made of polyvinyl chloride. However, the quality of the profile may differ depending on the type of PVC.