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  • Modern interior window sills - types, assembly, arrangement

Modern interior window sills - types, assembly, arrangement

Modern and elegant.

Modern internal window sills are the icing on the cake of the entire window installation. It is difficult to imagine a window without a sill. A window sill is a place where flowers and decorative elements are often placed. It is worth remembering that it has many additional functions. It can be an additional table top, or even a shelf, which is often arranged with various trinkets. However, it is worth asking yourself what kind of window sills to choose?

Internal window sill - a place for space development

Modern interior window sills are an important place in our homes. Especially that many of us struggle with the inability to properly manage the space. Namely, we want to keep a lot of things in view, but we have no place. Not every shelf or table top will accommodate our favorite books and beloved flowers. Moreover, we cannot turn it into a place to sit.

Another aspect is the embellishment of the interior. Among the many arrangements, there are few permanent elements, but they are the ones that most define the character of a given room. What's more, it is also worth protecting the building and facade against external factors. We are talking about snow and hail, as well as moisture flowing from rainfall.

What product can provide all of the above? Of course, we are talking about an internal and external window sill. Depending on where it is located, it performs different functions. It is also important in the materials used for its production, as products that are constantly outdoors must be much more durable.

Modern interior window sills in our offer

Our store's offer consisting of modern internal window sills undoubtedly includes the best models on the market. What's more, these can be found in your apartment almost immediately. Our company has been producing windows, window sills, doors and other products in this field for 30 years. There is a reason our customers are so satisfied and keep coming back for more.

Even if it ever occurred to you to put on a window without a sill, after seeing our assortment, you will undoubtedly change your mind. We do not focus on half measures , and each project we undertake is equally important to us. We will be up to the challenge with great pleasure, helping you choose the best solution for your apartment.

Of course, if you are interested in other products in our offer, we invite you to check the offer of plastic windows, doors, aluminum windows, roller shutters and shutters, garage doors as well as muntins. We guarantee every product you choose from our offer, so you don't have to worry about choosing a pig in a poke. You can trust us and choose the best window sills.

Modern interior window sills: PVC

The last option from the proposals we have discussed are PVC window sills. Due to the fact that our company sells PVC windows of the highest quality, it could not be otherwise with the window sills. Modern interior window sills made of this material can have almost any color you choose.

In addition, they are quite resistant to external factors and are not afraid of ultraviolet radiation. Let's not forget that they are scratch-resistant, so it's not easy to damage them. Moisture in this case will once again not do any harm, due to the material used.

We would also like to mention that temperature differences, even during winter, cannot influence them in any way. A window without a PVC sill loses its functionality and may appear bare. In addition, it is this type of product that gives style and class to the entire composition of the window, including the window sill.

Modern internal window sills: aluminum

Aluminum window sills are available in many color variants , and their thickness is approx. 2 mm. Their assembly requires cutting them in half on longer sections and creating expansion gaps at the joints. Their edges are secured with aluminum plugs. The offer also includes veneered variants.

What are the characteristics of aluminum window sills?

They show high stiffness and are very resistant to damage. What's more, they are resistant to corrosion and moisture. Such a set of features guarantees a long shelf life , thanks to which aluminum window sills have a very large advantage over their steel alternative. Their service life can be up to 3 years longer!

Modern interior window sills: conglomerate

Time for something that may not sound familiar to everyone. Even if you own a window without a sill, the characteristics of these products can change it quickly. The conglomerate takes the features of granite or marble, depending on what it is made of. The same goes for its colors.

In this case, high quality is distinguished, for example, by the fact that they are resistant to moisture , but also thanks to their surprising durability. This, of course, is not all. It would be a sin not to mention the fact that the conglomerate window sills, after making the required impregnation, are much more solid than their stone predecessors.

durability is not the last advantage of this range. Well, modern internal window sills made of conglomerate do not absorb odors to any extent, even as strong as cigarette smoke. In addition, to some extent they imitate stone, but in all of this, they are unique and perfect for interior finishing.

What are the window sills made of?

The production of this type of assortment has changed over the years. Once, but not so long ago, window sills were made of oak or ash planks. Of course, they were thick and wide boards, but not as solid as you might think. That is why glued wood, which is the most commonly used material at present, was used.

This is due to its high resistance to weather conditions . However, it is not the end. It is also worth discussing the most commonly used raw materials and materials. We mean, first of all, the significantly popular granite. Among the favorites there must also be marble, which is undoubtedly immensely popular.

Another option from which a window sill can be made is, of course, syenite, as well as travertine. Let us not forget, however, that this type of stones is not difficult to stain permanently. So if you decide to make a window sill made of them, we recommend that you perform an appropriate impregnation.

Modern interior window sills - a trifle with many applications

You probably know how fashionable tasteful tops or window sills have become. They are very often emphasized in various arrangements designed by an interior designer. Therefore, it is not worth putting on a window without a sill, because then we simply conceive of multifunctionality.

Modern interior window sills are not only a place for pots with plants . Although they are perfect as a home garden, they also have other uses. For example, in the kitchen they can be used as a place on the sink. In the case of a bathroom, it will perfectly serve as an additional shelf.

What's more, a durable window sill with a large width and mounted in a window recess can be used as a place to sit and relax. In this case, it is better to choose wooden window sills, and not, for example, granite or marble window sills. Natural stone is unfortunately cold to the touch, which excludes it from this role.

Modern interior window sills - the impact on the aesthetics of the room

When deciding on modern interior window sills, it is worth considering how valuable they are in terms of aesthetics. Namely, in these times, window sills are implemented to create arrangement compositions. For example, if cozy wood predominates in the style of a given room, this is the material for the window sill. Thanks to this, we will get a beautiful whole.

It is also worth remembering that the window and the sill form a unity , so their appearance cannot clash with each other. They decide on wood or stone or a wood-like material, so you should take into account both the color and the appearance of the window joinery. What else should we consider when choosing window sills?

Do not forget about the countertops in the kitchen and - if there are any - in the bathroom. It is worth using the same material when creating both window sills and countertops. Thanks to this, we will obtain a coherent whole, which is especially useful when we have a built-in kitchen and dining room.

How to match internal window sills to the room?

It is worth bearing in mind that, apart from aesthetic issues, you should first of all remember about the properties of individual internal window sills. What we mean here is the fact that some conditions are not created for the individual materials from which these products are made.

So we decided to present the most relevant options. The bathroom and kitchen are places full of moisture, but also warm air, which does not always have a positive effect on the right raw materials. In this case, window sills made of ceramic plates will be the best solution . When it comes to the living room and office, which usually have a cozy atmosphere, we recommend wood.

If your interiors are decorated in a modern style, we also have a solution for that. Well , natural stone window sills will perfectly fit into this theme. However, if you are not convinced by smooth stone surfaces, then instead of putting on a window without a sill, it is better to choose window sills made of a material called PVC.

Modern internal window sills - assembly rules

If you are wondering how to install internal window sills, we are here to help. The first important rule is to mount it 10-20 cm above the radiator . Why? Because it will completely obscure it, which will be great in terms of aesthetics. We only take this principle into account if you have a heater.

Another important aspect is, of course, that it should be installed at least 2 cm below the position of the window frame. In addition, modern interior window sills must be installed at right angles to the wall. Otherwise, they can be tilted 2 percent towards the room.

This is a significant issue, if only because the slope towards the room is designed to prevent moisture from settling directly at the window surface. After installing the window sill, it is worth placing heavy objects on it to properly press them against the surface. Wall defects should be filled with putty.

Modern interior window sills - the most common mistakes during installation

Probably some of you dream of putting on a window without a window sill instead of modern internal window sills. It's all because of uninteresting assembly problems that can happen to anyone. So we raise the spirits of all those who have encountered such unpleasantness, presenting the most common mistakes during the installation of window sills.

At the very beginning, this obviously inadequate preparation must be mentioned . If, instead of relying on a specialist, you choose a self-made one, it is worth taking care of every detail. Leveling the sill is one of those things, so pay attention to it. The same applies to leveling the places where there are window sills. We perform this step before laying the window sills.

Another important and frequent mistake is the wrong choice of glue. The glue must be selected in accordance with the material from which the window sill is made. Remember also about the distance between the radiator and the window sill, because without it, its efficiency will drop significantly. We will be hit in our pockets when paying the bills, especially in winter.

Installation of the window sill - what else should you pay attention to?

There are a few more aspects that are worth mentioning before you move on to doing this. Well, we advise against installing window sills before the walls are not covered with plaster. If, however, this is the case, then modern internal window sills should be adequately protected against plastering.

Too quick removal of the clamps when installing modern internal window sills is another big blunder. In order to avoid this type of premature mistakes, you should read the instructions in great detail, which are included with the appropriate adhesive for your window sills. Also remember to smooth the surface properly.

All this before any mounting activities. Otherwise, there may be a disaster, both in terms of aesthetics and renovation. Well, as a result, there may be unfortunate leaks for us, for example water may run off the windows on the floor during rain, which in the case of panels may lift them, which will expose us to additional costs.

A window without a sill? Is a window sill a necessary home equipment?

Probably during the construction of the house, as well as its general renovation, you have wondered whether the window sill is something that must be in it. Or is it better to put on a window without a sill? We decided to hurry with a reply. Modern interior window sills have many functions that allow you to boldly say that it is worth equipping an apartment with them.

The first point to be made in this context is, of course, protection against moisture . Well-installed and properly selected window sills become a kind of protection against dripping water, especially during downpours. If this product is located above the radiator, it also has a responsible function. Namely , it directs the heat that spreads around the room .

Departing for a moment from the functional issues, one should talk about the arrangement issues. For many people, especially us, the window and the sill create a harmonious unity. What's more, regardless of their model, we can create a place full of flowers, as well as souvenirs brought from other countries. Window sills are ordinary shelves or unusual places to sit with a beautiful view.

Modern internal window sills or a window without a sill?

We have a few more examples that can show you how important a detail in the arrangement and use are modern interior window sills. They are perfect as an aid in arranging small living spaces. Thanks to the window sills, small apartments can be arranged extremely functionally, saving on shelves that optically reduce the room.

Let's not forget about the fact that it is, supporting the maintenance of adequate air circulation in a specific room. Of course, we are talking about air movements that occur during pressure changes, for example between an apartment and the outside world.

However, in order to be satisfied with the window sill, you need to adjust it to your taste and the needs of the apartment. Regardless of whether the window sill is made of veneer, wood, stone or laminate, the most important thing is that they meet your requirements and expectations. As a result, you will not wonder if a window without a sill is a good idea, because it will be simply necessary.

Modern internal window sills - alternative solutions available on the market

As a long-term manufacturer of windows and doors, we decided to introduce only the best solutions to our offer. Many years of experience in the window industry allows us to say that PVC, aluminum and conglomerate window sills satisfy our customers to the greatest extent. Of course, all products have their branches and we recommend that you remember this so as not to face the mistake of buying an undesirable window sill. It is worth getting acquainted with each available type and its characteristics. The market is full of various solutions, so when exploring the topic, it is also worth getting acquainted with alternative solutions. In addition to the variants proposed by us in our offer, the following are distinguished among modern internal window sills:

The options presented above are the ones chosen most often, both by our clients and consumers of other producers. A window without a sill is something that is very difficult to imagine, as this solution is by no means functional. What's more, we are losing a large part of the varied decor.

External and internal window sills can significantly change the appearance of both the interior and the exterior of the building. It all depends on the choice of design, aesthetics and style. However, it is worth paying attention to the marking of each of the mentioned types.

Modern interior window sills: wood

Let's start with the most classic solution that used to be present in almost every home and apartment. These are wooden window sills. Of course, as you can guess, they have a lot of advantages that are appreciated by customers to this day. When it comes to choosing the type of wood, only the most durable ones are selected. Remember that a window sill without a window is an extremely wrong choice.

Wooden window sills are characterized by great resistance to moisture , which may be surprising due to the choice of material. What's more, they are very easy to clean and care for, so washing them will not be a chore for you, but a pure pleasure. What else can we expect from them?

Of course, it will be a high resistance to temperature changes and fluctuations . One cannot forget about their acoustic insulation properties, that is, as a result, effective noise reduction. The last point that cannot be overlooked here is, of course, the incredible durability of both the material and the entire product.

Modern interior window sills: stone

Let's move on to the second of the most popular options in this statement, which is multiplied in modernly furnished apartments. They work great in a glamor style . Most often we are dealing with marble, sandstone and granite interior window sills. No wonder, considering the multitude of their advantages.

Stone window sills are distinguished by irreplaceable durability, which carries the heaviness of the entire assortment. In addition, they are primarily resistant to abrasion , as well as all kinds of deformation, so we do not have to worry about whether it is easy to damage. Moreover, it is difficult to scratch them.

Let us not forget about the fact that regardless of whether it is marble or granite or even sandstone, we can guarantee that by choosing modern internal stone window sills, you choose protection against internal and external factors. Even a strong blow will be insufficient against this durability.

Modern interior window sills: laminate

In addition to the above-mentioned proposals, we offer full functionality, which is contained in the window sills made of laminate, or actually made of MDF and laminated . In this case, we have a considerable selection of colors and patterns, which can undoubtedly be encouraging. Of course, this is not the end of the many advantages we deal with.

If you've ever wanted to put on a window without a sill, you probably haven't heard about MDF. It is resistant to mechanical damage, such as scratches. Moreover, like its predecessors, it is fearless against moisture. Perfectly fits into almost any interior .

In addition, modern MDF interior window sills are very easy to clean, which is a great convenience during general cleaning. Thanks to its combination with the laminate, even ultraviolet radiation will not cause any damage , thanks to the preserved protective barrier.

Modern interior window sills: ceramic tiles

If you are looking for the perfect window sill made of ceramic tiles, you've come to the right place. Our range is the best solution for bathroom rooms. Their first advantage is, of course, that they are easy to keep clean , but also resistant to moisture, which will work well in bathrooms.

Let's not forget about the fact that this is an option that will last for many years in an apartment or house. Thanks to the range of colors, but also the appropriate adjustment to the glaze and terracotta prevailing in the bathroom walls and floors, we can create something incredibly stylish, but also functional.

A bathroom with a window without a window sill can be a very bad solution due to its small size. The internal window sill will allow you to develop the maximum area of both the bathroom and any other room. Therefore, it is not worth it, it is worth giving it up, because it will undoubtedly be very useful.

Internal window sills: steel

If you are looking for a cheap, but at the same time tasteful and durable, modern internal window sill, choose the steel one. It is a solution that will adapt to almost any interior , thanks to the possibility of choosing almost any color of varnish. After all, galvanized steel sheets must be properly varnished.

In addition to a wide range of colors, it should be mentioned that modern internal steel window sills have a very high resistance to any mechanical damage . This distinguishes them in a positive context from the aluminum proposals, which are less resistant to damage.

It is worth bearing in mind that proper care for the steel window sills we offer will allow you to keep them in great condition for many years. Their extremely interesting and useful advantage is the fact that they can fill a window without a sill, both with an external and internal sill.



Window sills - types

Window sills of wood or stone

Modern and elegant.

Ground window sills

A ceramic tile window sill is most often installed in the bathroom. This is due to its perfect adaptation to this type of room. The material from which it is made is characterized by high resistance to moisture and chemicals contained in detergents used in the bathroom.

Granite window sill

This type of window sill is very durable. Why? Granite is a material resistant to all scratches and harmful moisture. For this reason, the window sill Granite is a solution that we especially recommend for the kitchen because that's what there, the window sill is exposed to this type of damage.

PVC window sill

PVC window sill is a universal solution. For this reason, it will work well both in the bedroom and children's room, as well as in the living room. Importantly, it is one of the most popular types window sills due to their classic character.