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  • The correct installation of the roof window – 5 rules

The correct installation of the roof window – 5 rules

Assembling a roof window is a challenge for someone who is not a specialist. It is a bit more demanding than installing an ordinary wall window. How can we prevent moisture from entering the attic on which we place roof windows? What is the best way to install a skylight? Check it out!

Management of the attic

The attic is in many ways a rather difficult place to build. As you can imagine, we are referring here above all to the difficulty of furnishing. We are, of course, concerned with the fact that you usually have to order furniture that is suitable for that particular room instead of buying ready-made furniture.

In addition, there is often a difficulty in decorating the windows in the attic. Classic curtains and blinds are not an option at all. So if you are curious how to do it, we invite you to our entries “How do I decorate skylights?” and “Which skylights should I choose? ”. From here you will learn everything you need to know.

It is worth mentioning that many people often think about whether to choose a roof dormer for the attic or skylight. If you find yourself in such a dilemma, we invite you to read a text about it. If you have chosen roof windows, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the rules of their installation.


Mounting the roof window – adjust

As you know, the construction of a roof window is a little different from an ordinary window. We are dealing here with pivoting, not opening the window. Of course, due to gravity, a normal window doesn’t have the right to be in the attic, as it could harm the people underneath. We therefore present the rules of assembly.

There are 5 important rules that are worth introducing to your work with roof windows in the attic. The installation of roof windows should follow a few recommendations. The first point is the correct placement of the window. It should be the same as with classic wall windows. What does that mean?

The upper edge of the roof windows must be about 200 cm high. As for the lower part of the roof window, the distance from the floor should be 100 cm. The window positioned in this way will show us the view to the outside. In addition, it will provide excellent lighting of the attic.


Installation of the roof window – further steps

The next step in our installation of the roof window is to measure the appropriate width. This should be compared to the rafters spacing. This is the distance on the roof surfaces, which takes into account the bypass of chimneys and the installation of the roof window. What is the most convenient way to install a skylight?

The best solution is to mount if the width of the window is about 6 cm smaller than the total distance of the rafters. Of course, the window should be between the distance and be 3 centimetres on each side. The principle, which is equally important, is to check the parallelism of the slots immediately after the installation of the window in the door frame.

After installation, we therefore check whether all vertical slots are sufficiently parallel over the entire surface. Of course, these are the columns between the wing and the door frame. We carry out the same measure in the area of horizontal window joints. This is an enormously important measure that separates us from assembly.


Insulation and installation of the window

A fairly common problem of people installing windows is the lack of tightness or poor insulation of the window. That is why we will try to bring this issue closer. To obtain sufficient insulation, you need to remove the door frame and apply moisture-resistant and insulating insulation. Different products are used for this purpose.

These may be ready-made solutions or tailor-made solutions. Your choice will probably depend on your budget, as the personalized option will obviously be more expensive. The last item on our list of rules you should consider is the installation of a window seal flange.

It is of course selected according to the corresponding dimensions of the window, but also according to the roof material, actually according to the material of which it is made. It is worthwhile to work on the assembly instructions, but also to pay attention to the order of the assembled elements. This way you make the installation of the roof window perfect.


The installation of a skylight is a trifle!

If you read the following instructions well, which we have explained clearly. Then the installation of the roof window should go like a petal for you. All you need is self-confidence and the right equipment. We recommend that you get all the tools you need and tick them off your to-do list.

Such an organization will make it easier for you to do the work that requires 100% concentration. Don’t forget that a wall window is much easier to install and doesn’t require the same amount of work from us as a skylight. We hope that we have been able to explain this wide-ranging subject adequately.


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What should you remember when installing a skylight?

When installing the roof window, attention must be paid to the correct tightness of the window as well as to the thermal insulation and moisture protection.