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HST sliding doors

Modern and elegant.


MOREVIEW is a system for large-size Yawal sliding doors. It is characterized by narrow profiles that are completely hidden in the floor, ceiling and walls.

This system enables the construction of doors with a maximum height of 4 m, and the heaviest weight of a sliding sash, up to 1,200 kg. It is worth mentioning that the aesthetics and lightness of the structure are due to e.g. the visible width of the post, which is at the exit of the wings, is only 27 mm.

Thanks to the innovative structure, we can install glass panes next to each other. All of this, of course, without any visible aluminum elements from the outside. Importantly, the static post allows you to create a series of permanent glazing, while the all-glass corner allows you to connect them at any angles.

Design possibilities

The static post allows you to create a series of permanent glazing, which you can additionally connect at any angle. All this thanks to the use of this all-glass corner. In addition, independent structures and MV designs can be joined even at an angle of 90 °. The discussed system also provides options for constructing pocket doors. These, when opened, hide entirely in the wall of the building. It takes place in a "pocket" designed for this purpose. Thanks to this, we maximize the light of the passage just after opening the sashes.

Comfort and functionality

Moreview doors can be operated manually or automatically. In addition, the mechanism that controls the opening process can be hidden, depending on the needs, or be mounted on the outside of the structure. Due to the automation of the door, it can be controlled from the level of, for example, a smartphone. This solution also has such amenities as, for example, non-threshold construction or a special linear drainage system. This one is integrated with the frame, which perfectly drains water from the entire structure.

Assembly and service

As for the system, it provides for the possibility of glazing with specific packages. They can be one or two-chamber from the outside of the building. This solution significantly simplifies the assembly, especially when we remember about the dimensions of the glazing. Moreover, the overall structure of the running gear, which was developed by Moreview, means that its service consists in replacing the running rollers. This happens without the need to remove the door leaves.


The DP 180 system by Yawal was created for the production of both lift and slide doors and windows. All this for exterior buildings.

It is undoubtedly an extremely modern option, and its base, of course, consists of aluminum profiles. These, in turn, are provided with thermal breaks. It is worth mentioning that the structure of this system:

It influences the reduction of all heat energy losses, reduces costs that are generated during the production of projects. This means that not only are we saving, but also very little heat is lost. The DP 180 system from Yawal can be used in public buildings as well as in residential buildings.


The height and width of a given door leaf can reach up to 3300 mm. Of course, this can be the case with a weight of 440 kg. It is known that glazing has recently become the biggest trend in modern construction. All thanks to the glass panes fixed with aluminum profiles. It is thanks to this overall design that almost every structure is characterized by lightness, which is desirable in interior design. Such a transparent and transparent barrier protects us against sunlight, cold, wind and rain.


We decided that the best idea would be to put a mechanism that is responsible for ePower control, completely invisible from the outside. It is located in the frame and the wing. Thanks to this solution, you can automatically control the system by using a fingerprint, smartphone or touch panel.

Arrangement of spaces

The DP 180 system is also a gateway to the option of creating a connection of the so-called all-glass corner at an angle of 90˚. In addition, it allows you to connect the panes by using muntins. Doors based on this system should also be equipped with a special movable corner post. Moreover, the use of fittings with micro-ventilation is envisaged as an option that facilitates airing the rooms.

Interior sliding systems

When choosing an assortment to be found in your home, you strive to ensure that the whole is defined by your taste. This is not surprising as we are talking about something that belongs to you and is completely designed by you. However, tastes vary and you often have to compromise with other household members.

This is nothing extraordinary, but the problem becomes more complicated when one side dreams of modernity and the other of old-fashioned solutions. In such a situation, you simply need to find a golden mean that will be universal or will combine both proposals. For example, in this case it would be a choice of a vintage style broken with elements of modern furniture and household appliances.

Universal solutions, however, are not as common as it might seem. However, such interior solutions are becoming more and more popular. One of them are, for example , sliding doors , which quickly conquered the interior design market. Why are they in our offer?

Construction of sliding doors

What does a sliding door consist of? This is a very accurate question, but it should be clarified a bit. Remember that patio sliding doors and room sliding doors are slightly different from each other, especially from traditional doors. However, there are issues that are found in both construction sites of these products.

Well, they consist of upper and lower tracks on which the door moves. What's more, they also have upper and lower levels. Another element that can be found in them is the connecting strip and the riser. In addition, the construction also includes an upper guide and a lower cushioned trolley.

Sliding doors and their types

If you want to decide on sliding doors for your apartment, then their subject is probably not completely unknown to you. As you know, such an assortment is divided into different types and kinds. It may depend on the material from which they are made and the method of opening. Their location is also important.

We decided to present each of these possibilities to discuss the topic that bothers you as much as possible. Thanks to this, you will certainly have a clear overview of each of the presented proposals. Among the types selected by action, we distinguish:

These are the two main types distinguished according to the way they work. As for the materials used, we present:

Above, we have presented the most commonly used materials used in the production of sliding doors. Of course, such an assortment can be made of almost anything, but we present these well-made products.

Sliding patio doors - types

The types presented above are not the only ones that we distinguish in terms of sliding interior doors. There are three of the most popular options for sliding systems on the market. They differ in terms of both price and design. These are, of course, sliding patio doors of the following type:

It is among them that you can find the most suitable solutions for your home or apartment. They are also perfect as an exit to the terrace or balcony. However, remember that before making the final choice, in the form of a purchase, you should familiarize yourself with their characteristics.

Other distinctions of sliding systems

In addition to the issues of materials and modes of operation, the focus must also be on the intended use of the products in question. It is worth knowing that, for example, sliding glass doors to the bathroom will be an excellent choice. However, we do not necessarily encourage you to use them, for example, in a children's room.

The little ones have different ideas and it could be dangerous for them. Therefore, it is important to choose the right sliding door. Both the method of opening and the material from which the assortment is made are extremely important. We encourage you to consciously decide to use sliding doors in your apartment.

Also remember that some materials need more attention and care than you might think. However, don't worry too much about this as we'll be sure to discuss it. It is worth choosing consciously sliding doors to a room or a bathroom.

Wall-mounted sliding doors

Let's start with the first type of range we are discussing, which we have distinguished. Due to the fact that there are only two options in this category, it is worth digging into the topic a bit more. We decided to do so too. The wall door to the room, as the name suggests, is on the wall and is visible.

As a result, this means that regardless of whether they are open or closed, the door leaf is always visible. All because they slide down the wall surface, of course. It is worth bearing in mind that this solution is very universal, if only because it is equally perfect for the office and home.

What's more, they can be attached at any time, and thanks to the easy assembly, we do not need the help of a specialist. We will not need any specialized frames for this purpose, and we will only need a suitable sliding mechanism. Wall door parts are generally available.

Hidden sliding door in the wall

Since we had the opportunity to mention the system placed on the wall, it's time to characterize the one that is hidden in the wall. What are the characteristic features of this assortment model? Well, the door leaves sit on properly selected guides. They can slide along or inside the wall.

The great advantage of this product is the fact that the entire mechanism is hidden under the grilles. This means that we are dealing here with aesthetics as well as considerable functionality. However, the only visible element here will of course be the rail. In this case, we can also appreciate the large amount of space.

Wall sliding doors are undoubtedly created for those who value free space. Thanks to their wide selection on the market, you will easily find those that will suit your preferences, tastes and at the same time will be of high quality.

Glass sliding doors

Now it's time for any products that are made of glass. It is a perfect and even a perfect complement to the loft style. Loft is primarily glazing and it is there that we can find a whole lot of glass and spatial elements. However, everything is still combined with minimalism.

If we have a large bedroom with an open wardrobe, we can use such doors to separate these two spaces. The same is true when we have a bathtub, for example, in this room. We can provide ourselves with a little privacy through the door, and after finishing the bath, we can put a lot of space again.

Very often, such glass doors are chosen for modern bathrooms. However, people do not decide to use transparent and milk glass or those with a blurred view. Thanks to this, no one is able to watch us while bathing. Despite the glass appearance, the whole thing looks very modern as well as aesthetically.

Wooden room sliding doors

Time to discuss the next point on our list, namely wooden sliding doors. They can be double-leaf or single-leaf, it all depends on your preferences. However, what exactly characterizes them and where can they be adjusted? Is it a universal solution?

They are perfect for apartments and houses that are decorated in a country style. What's more, they will present themselves well in arrangements dripping with a rustic choice of decor. However, this is not the end of their matching.

Let's not forget that wooden interior doors can also be used in modern rooms. In such a case, it is worth choosing a simple model with glazing. This way you will decide on a fashionable classic. In addition, thanks to the glazing, you will let more light into the rooms.

Metal sliding doors

Sliding doors to the room do not have to be exclusively wooden or glass. The same goes for the sliding door for the bathroom. Metal doors look great in apartments decorated in the Scandinavian style, where minimalism is an inseparable part.

Let's keep an eye on the fact of their reliability and durability, which undoubtedly distinguishes them from the series. Let's not forget about the high resistance to mechanical damage. It is also worth paying attention to the fact of their simplicity and classic appearance. They mean that we can confidently say that they will fit into almost any interior.

Let's remember the fact that more and more people are starting to opt for glamor-style minimalism. It probably seems impossible, but this trend seems to be becoming more and more popular. Metal or aluminum metal sliding doors are therefore an ideal candidate to complement such an unusual arrangement.

Plywood room sliding door

Sliding doors made of plywood or chipboard must have some filling. We are talking here, for example, about glass, mirrors, bamboo, or lancets. They are a non-obvious choice, and certainly not like the popular glass, wooden or metal sliding doors.

This does not mean, however, that they are a bad choice, although a bit specific for sure. There are four types of plywood and they include:

Interestingly, the plywood door very faithfully resembles wood. We do not mean only the appearance of this raw material, but also its properties. Well, good quality wood-like materials are comparable to wood.

Moreover, let's not forget about the fact that they are much more attractive in terms of price than their wooden competitors. So if you want to save a bit and still have a wooden finish, choose a plywood or chipboard sliding door to the room!

Sliding door to the room made of veneered board

Now that we've already discussed glass, wooden, metal and plywood sliding doors, it's time for the last item on our list. Of course, we are talking about sliding doors made of a veneered board. This is the second choice that we consider a bit non-obvious. After all, it has a whole lot of advantages that must be mentioned.

Well, sliding doors to the room made of veneered board are another wood-like product. This one, however, looks beautiful in every edition and perfectly emphasizes all the aesthetic qualities of the wood. In addition, it is undoubtedly a timeless choice of customers.

We cannot forget about the fact which is their considerable and certainly surprising durability for some people. Undoubtedly, it does not surprise us. You will undoubtedly complement many stylishly arranged rooms with them without any problem. However, are they a better option than the plywood presented above? Check it out.

Time for the terrace! - sliding patio doors

The next stage is to discuss the models of patio or balcony sliding doors. As we mentioned in the first paragraphs, such an assortment is distinguished by the type, material used in production and the way it works. We have already covered the last two aspects, so it's time for the former.

It is worth mentioning that the sliding doors to the bathroom or rooms differ from those designed strictly for entering a terrace or balcony. It is not only about subtle changes in the structure, but also the materials used in their production. The most common among them is PVC or aluminum and sometimes wood.

In addition, the sliding doors to the terrace are glazed, like windows, allowing a lot of light into the room. Thanks to this, they optically enlarge even those smaller apartments in terms of size. Let's move on to the characteristics of the SmartSlide, PSK and HST sliding patio doors and indicate which ones are the best to choose.

PSK sliding doors

PSK sliding doors are characterized by a tilt and slide system. This means that thanks to the fittings and the entire structure, when opening the door, it will slide to the side, instead of opening wide, as in the case of ordinary balcony or terrace door systems.

They can be moved up to 1.5 meters long. As the name of the system suggests, we can also open such doors, which is a great option when you want to cool the room a bit and ventilate it.

It is worth remembering that PSK can be found in several variants of opening - 2, 3 and 4 rooms. Despite the fact that PSK sliding doors are rather larger, the ease and convenience of their operation is enormous.

Importantly, the width of such a system can be up to 4 m (when it is an asymmetric system), while its entire area sometimes measures 8 square meters. In the case of a symmetrical system, the width is approximately 3.2 meters.

PSK sliding patio doors - advantages

It is worth focusing on the positive features of PSK sliding patio doors. Thanks to this, it will be much easier to choose the best option for you.

The advantages , apart from the possibility of tilting or taking up a small amount of space, are undeniably many. For example, the fact that, unlike other models, PSK sliding doors do not cause problems in the winter season. It is this aspect that often convinces our customers.

In addition, their water resistance is at a very high level, which provides people with comfort in many situations. In addition, their appearance does not leave much to be desired and fits perfectly into a variety of interiors.

SmartSlide - a modern option

It's time for a new generation sliding door system - SmartSlide. This type is very light when they are moved away and opened, so there is no need to use too much force. They definitely have a chance to become as famous in the future as other systems.

They are an innovation that is appreciated by customers who treat sliding doors as an investment, not an item that needs to be replaced every few years. The SmartSlide system is a combination of the features of lift-slide doors with stand-slide and tilt-slide doors.

You can also safely confirm that when using this system, you do not have to use force, but only rely on its intuitive and comfortable operation.

SmartSlide sliding doors - the positives

The advantages of this assortment can definitely be exchanged for hours. They are very easy to assemble, so they will not cause much trouble during this activity. They are extremely airtight, so you don't have to worry about escaping warm air.

Of course, this translates into savings, because you do not need to heat your home more than usual. The possibility of letting a lot of light into the room in which it is located is another positive aspect.

By choosing SmartSlide, you will not overpay, because they are at attractive prices, despite so many advantages. Their high quality can really surprise you in a positive way, so by choosing this option, you choose a future-proof solution.

HST sliding doors

The last of the sliding doors worth discussing in our list are the modern ones with the HST system. They are characterized by enormous design possibilities that allow for high glazing.

Interestingly, they take up very little space because their wings are located on two different guides. As a result, when opening them, one sash hides behind the other without taking up much space.

Once again, minimal force is used to open the sliding door in question. When it comes to the dimensions of this type of system, the total area can be up to 14 square meters. As for the width, the sash can be up to 3 meters.

HST sliding doors - positive features

Let's move on to the advantages of the system in question. The low threshold is practically imperceptible, so it will be perfect for people in a wheelchair. In addition, HST has a very aesthetic appearance and does not burden the window frame at all, which eliminates many threats.

Ease of use is another widely lauded advantage. In addition, the system allows as much light as possible into the room in which it is installed. They are also the largest of their competition, which is reflected in their price.

In addition, they can also be installed with electric control, which is a very common, but also popular and fashionable option. Thanks to this, you will be able to open the wings with the remote control without any effort.

What are the best sliding doors - wall mounted or hidden in the wall?

Since we have clearly presented and described each type of sliding door, it is worth selecting the biggest favorites from each category. Of course, we don't want to go the easy way, so we've also decided to provide a rationale for each of our decisions. Let's start with how sliding doors work.

When it comes to the choice, between the wall-mounted range and the one hidden in the wall, we undoubtedly choose the second option. They are the perfect sliding doors for a room, bathroom or dining room. All because of their aesthetics, which is caused by hiding all the mechanisms in a place against the wall.

When choosing a wall door, we give up the clean finish, which is desired in the current interior design trends. So if you have a dilemma about which of these options to choose, we recommend that you use the sliding door hidden in the wall without a shadow of a doubt.

The best choice - sliding doors made of what material?

Summarizing the topic of materials used in the production of sliding doors, we have undeniably found an unbeatable favorite. Interestingly, it will be perfect for both ordinary sliding doors and a glass shower enclosure. You can probably guess who we are talking about ...

In our opinion, one of the best-looking and functional doors is the one made of glass. They work well in almost any arrangement, although they look amazing in modernity. You can put them both in the bathroom and in the living room, and they will still fit just as well. Of course, we cannot forget about the other options.

Wooden doors give a lot of coziness to any room, although it makes them not that universal. When it comes to metal sliding doors, they are an excellent option for minimalistic arrangements. However, we believe that it is glass products that best meet today's trends in interior design.

SmartSlide, HST or PSK patio doors?

The last summary that may be the most anticipated for some is of course sliding patio doors. Without a doubt, we can clearly state that in our opinion, the SmartSlide sliding patio doors are the best solution. The best justification for this decision is a whole lot of advantages.

We mean, for example, the incredible tightness, thanks to which we pay lower bills in the winter. All due to the lack of escaping heat. In addition, the SmartSlide sliding door system provides a large amount of light into the room. The only significant downside is the relatively high threshold.

However, we believe that it is better to choose this type at an attractive price than to bet on the twice as expensive HST, which differs mainly in the height of the threshold. If you are a wheelchair user then choosing HST will be inevitable. Otherwise, we recommend using SmartSlide sliding patio doors.