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Muntin bars

Elegant window moldings.

Window muntins - an interesting arrangement solution

Window muntins are an arrangement solution that evokes a lot of extreme emotions. However, their popularity is still growing, because they give a lot of freshness, but also attract the attention of guests. However, it is worth considering what type to bet on and what to follow.

Changing interior trends

Interior fashion is constantly changing, which is why those who love a timely arrangement change the entire interior every few years. Of course, not all solutions go out of style. Styles such as glamor , country, vintage , modern or old-fashioned are forever inscribed in timeless solutions.

Some issues remain the same also because it is too much of an effort to change them. The window joinery and the entrance door are not necessarily pleasant to replace elements of the house. However, it is worth remembering that even such details in the apartment can be changed.

Of course, when windows or doors are out of order, they must be undeniably replaced. However, when it comes to changing the arrangement only, you don't have to change the entire woodwork right away. It is enough to put on an interesting accessory, i.e. window muntins.

Types of muntins for windows

As you know, most products are divided into types, as some of their components are different from each other. As mentioned above, muntins differ from rungs in location. There are four main types of them in our category:

The first mentioned solution, namely muntins, is an option for modern arrangements and is most often made of aluminum. Moreover, it is placed between the glazing unit and it is the most expensive solution of all types of muntins. Why?

In addition to their durability, these models are very easy to clean. Due to the fact that they are not outside, and are located between the panes, dust cannot settle on them.

Another type of product that needs to be discussed is the muntin bars. Importantly, they are most often placed in wooden windows. They are the oldest option and divide the glass into smaller elements. They strengthen the entire structure and guarantee solidity.

What distinguishes them from the rungs?

The muntins are decorative elements that separate the smaller panes on the window from each other. It is worth mentioning, however, that they are rather an addition to an existing window. On the other hand, rival rails are built into the window.

Despite these obvious points, some companies still confuse the two by being wrong and misleading customers. Currently, however, muntins are closely related to interesting arrangement solutions.

Despite the popularity they continue to gain, disputes arise. On what topic? Many people are afraid of such a solution because they consider it kitsch. The opposing party believes that it is a perfect refreshment and variety to the existing interior design at home. If you want to know what types we distinguish and whether it is worth betting on them, read this text.

Glued-on and opened muntins

The next item on our list are mullions that can be opened or, in other words, suspended. They are in the form of frames or wooden slats, which are made of foamed PVC. Their characteristic feature is the fact that they are not permanently attached to the window.

So it is a great option for those slightly picky people who quickly get bored of the given arrangement. Thanks to openable models, it would be much easier to radically change the whole apartment. The last of our proposals are glued-on muntins , which are responsible for the imitation of dividing the panes.

They are placed both inside the package and on the outer sides of the glass. These are highly decorative elements and are considered to be impermanent. Well, they are prone to deformation and lack resistance to weather conditions.

The best decision to refresh the interior

It is known that the change of arrangement must be well-thought-out, especially if you want to put on interior muntins. When it comes to muntins placed inside the glazing unit, they will be perfect for modern and innovative places.

In addition, they are susceptible to changing shapes, so you can create amazing constructions from them, which means that you can order from us realized, dreamed and crazy visions. When it comes to installation, we recommend choosing a specialist who will not reduce the thermal insulation.

It is also worth taking into account the thorough cleaning of the windows, which contain muntins, because thanks to proper care, they will serve for many years. We invite you to choose muntins from our assortment. We guarantee high quality and reliability.