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Installation - important information

Installation is a very important part that must be taken into account during the purchase process and subsequent use of doors and windows. Well, they should fulfill specific functions, so the selection and method of installation are key issues. Our specialists are great at editing, but still, it is worth reading a few key content. The basic requirements that each window should meet results from the applicable provisions of the "Building Law and technical conditions". What are these requirements ?

Windows aluminum - we offer :

Moreover, in order for the windows and doors to perform their tasks efficiently, certain factors must be taken into account. It is about the influence of the location of the window in the wall, its mechanical fastening, and above all, a tight, appropriate and well-adjusted installation.

Types of assembly

It might seem that the assembly takes place only in one imposed way. You couldn't be more wrong. When it comes to mounting doors and windows, there are several types that we deal with. We focus on two of the most popular and effective of them. One is a bit more popular (recently), while the other is a bit more typical, but it does not lose its value and effectiveness.

Raw assembly (normal)

This type of installation serves as an end to the shell of the house. What does it mean? Well, the insertion of windows is the last stage of completing the shell of the house. What's more, after inserting the windows, you can start plastering, which will make the apartment no longer in that condition. However, if you started plastering before inserting the windows, remember to leave the window glyphs unfinished. Raw assembly includes elements such as the adjustment of window fittings, initial settings and fixing of frames, but also many other important aspects. Raw assembly is the most ordinary, basic one that is usually used by many people. It is made only with the use of assembly foam. Importantly, the basis is the raw state of the house or the unfinished window glyphs. You cannot, therefore, reach for it when dealing with the replacement of windows.

Warm assembly (layered)

The second type that we are going to present is the warm montage, which has recently gained much popularity. What's more, it is directed to passive, energy-saving construction, i.e. matters that have recently been on the candlestick. It is made of three layers and, as this shows, it consists of three sealing layers - middle, internal and external. It is worth mentioning that it is the middle of them that is of greatest importance, because it is thermal insulation. The one usually made of polyurethane foam is to tightly fill the space between the window frame and the wall. Thanks to the entire assembly, we provide durable and effective sealing of the places where windows are seated in the reveals. Importantly, improper installation in this case results in a catastrophe, because we expose the polyurethane foam to moisture, and it loses its insulating use.

How to prepare the opening for the installation of windows and balcony doors?

There are some important guidelines for preparing the opening for windows and balcony doors. They will definitely facilitate the work of people who assemble these elements. The surfaces of the jambs for the woodwork assembly should be even, smooth and free of loose parts of building materials, dirt, dust and contamination. Any defects in the wall on the jamb planes should be absolutely supplemented, and the empty spaces in the elements used in the wall should be filled with appropriate mortars. When we are dealing with the replacement of the existing windows, remove fragments of the old plaster and mortar. Then, the losses in the wall should be permanently filled with appropriate mortars. On the other hand, when it comes to thermal installation, the thermal insulation material should reach the edge of the jambs. An aspect of great importance is also checking the dimensions of the window openings in order to properly match the dimensions of the window structures to be installed in them in the future. If you have any questions, doubts or willingness to hire assembly specialists, please contact us to clarify incomprehensible issues. Our specialists have extensive experience in both types of assembly, so you can be sure that our services will be performed flawlessly, and thus will provide you with comfort for years.