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  • How to make wooden garden blinds?

How to make wooden garden blinds?

Wooden garden blinds are undoubtedly the latest fashion trend in recent years. If you have a gazebo in your garden, you know how pleasant it is to spend time there. However, sometimes the sun’s rays penetrating through the hollow walls interfere with reading a book or other activities. So what should you do?


A gazebo – a place to relax

Resting on a gazebo or garden pergola, we can do a whole host of things. We can read books on comfortable garden furniture, knit, or sunbathe away from our neighbours’ eyes. It is a very comfortable place that is perfect for one person, but also for hosting guests for a barbecue.

You can dine there with all the household members, enjoying the beautiful weather and the opportunity to relax among loved ones. This solution works perfectly not only in the garden sphere, but also on the allotment. However, there are aspects which make it difficult to have a nice time. Of course, we don’t mean mosquitoes, but the construction.

Namely, an arbour, as well as a pergola, have empty spaces through which the sunlight enters. In such a situation, it is worth to have a possibility of some kind of separation from them. For this purpose, it is worth betting on wooden garden shutters, which will fulfil this task. How can they be quickly and easily built?


Wooden garden blinds – advantages

Before you are sure whether wooden garden blinds are something you need, it is worth reading about their positive features. This way, you will be 100% sure that this is the solution for you. The first positive thing about this solution is of course that it limits the access of light to your gazebo or terrace.

This way, you will be able to do whatever you want without having to worry about the sun. Another aspect worth emphasizing is their aesthetics. Well, these blinds perfectly complement almost any garden arrangement. An excellent fact is that they are fully natural and do not harm the environment.

If your garden is located next to a street or is very exposed to the view of others, that’s great. Wooden garden blinds will give you controlled intimacy. You can’t overlook the plus point of their excellent quality, but also their long lifespan. In addition, they are undeniably hugely functional. Does this convince you?


How to build wooden garden blinds?

If you are convinced that wooden garden blinds are the solution for you, then you should undeniably find out where to start. It is worth noting that you can make this type of product yourself or with the help of a professional. We will try to instruct you on the steps to take.

You should have in mind how to install them, where to buy materials or whole wooden garden blinds. However, before you start the work, you should take the right measurements and focus on the different aspects. You should focus on the cross-section of the lamellae. In addition, you must not forget to measure the relevant components.

By this we mean of course downloading the dimensions of the bottom support beam, the inner frame as well as the cross-section of the installation blade. However, remember that the world does not end with measurements and shopping and if you want to prepare yourself properly, you must choose the best possible tools. So what shouldn’t you forget?


What does your summerhouse need?

The next step before you build your gazebo blinds is of course to consider what you need for your gazebo. If you have a small terrace, then louvre structures are certainly sufficient. However, if you have large windows on your patio, it’s worth choosing a lamella system.

Everything, however, should be decided on your own preference. However, we encourage you to pay attention to the doors as well as the windows around the terrace. It is important that the wooden garden or terrace blinds match these. Remember that you already have to place them somewhere during the planning phase.

It is therefore advisable to decide on the location of the blinds at the very beginning. This can be a terrace window, a wall or the ceiling of a gazebo or pergola. Remember that it is a considerable improvement with a simple mechanism which makes our life much easier, protecting both us and our friends from the sun.


Wooden garden blinds – the most necessary knowledge

We have decided to gather information about building wooden garden blinds and pass it on to you in a simple way. So let’s start with the fitting. We have mentioned that you should pay attention to the windows or the doors, or rather their design, so that everything works together properly. But that’s not the end of the story.

Pay attention to the colours and styles of your garden furniture, or the pots around your patio or gazebo. By matching the colour of these elements, you can create a fascinating garden. It is worth bearing in mind that wooden garden blinds, despite the material, can be found in various options.

In this case, we mean the paint as well as the pattern, design and shapes. You can make them on your own and choose the colours yourself, or bet on a ready-made option. In addition to the visual aspects in terms of style, it is worth extending their service life and installing them correctly. How to take care of it properly?


Installation of wooden blinds

Let us therefore focus on one of the most important issues, i.e. the proper installation, of course. Thanks to the correct installation of blinds, we will be sure that everything must work properly, and any problems are caused only by the product and not our work. Where should we start?

Wooden garden blinds should be placed between the supporting posts. They are one of the most important parts of the terrace roofing. It is worth using the best possible materials in this situation, thanks to which you will be able to make the whole thing look much better, but also prove its usefulness.

You can install the decking in a number of different locations, but ours is the most popular choice. Then, you have to bear in mind that your tasks end with the installation of garden blinds. You should make sure that they are able to serve you for as long as possible.


Wooden garden blinds – how to take care of them?

If you want your wooden garden blinds to last for many years, it is worth knowing a few tips to achieve this. The first thing to do is to impregnate them regularly. Remember that this type of product is constantly outdoors and exposed to weather conditions.

It is therefore worth impregnating the wood several times a year, especially before the autumn/winter season and immediately after. Frost can take its toll on wood, and the same goes for sunlight. Consider, however, whether there are any wooden items among your garden furniture and items.

If there are, you will certainly have the right products for impregnating wooden items. It’s worth finding one moment to take care of all the wooden items in your garden. That way, you can do everything in one go, and you don’t have to do it several times.


Opt for convenience and functionality

Wooden garden blinds offer a whole host of advantages that make life easier. Moreover, thanks to them, you can spend wonderful time in the garden without worrying about spoiling it by the intrusive sun. The possibility to regulate the access of light is an excellent option, which gives us a kind of choice. However, that is not all.

Remember that these particular products are a great addition to almost any garden arrangement. Thanks to them, our green area will significantly stand out from other gardens. Moreover, we will show that we know the trends and what should decorate the green areas nowadays. It is additionally worth to bet on a crazy colour of blinds.

Thanks to the colourful wooden blinds, you will show a lot of originality. In addition, you will surprise yourself and other household members. Opt for a creative and original, but also functional, filling of the garden.

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What are the advantages of wooden garden blinds?

Wooden garden blinds allow you to regulate the access of light to the gazebo or terrace. In addition, they significantly beautify the garden arrangements.