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  • How much does a brick garage cost, and how do you build it?

How much does a brick garage cost, and how do you build it?

One of the most frequently chosen and durable garages is the bricked garage. This is the kind of protection for the car that we can choose if we want something alive. However, it is worth knowing how to build this solid solution. And how much does it cost us to build it? The answers to these questions can be found below.


Protection of the car

Nowadays, almost every adult owns his own car, sometimes several of them. Of course, this is not a cheap purchase, which is why everyone tries to protect it as good as possible. There are many dangers on the vehicle, and we can avert them with the right efforts. So, how and before what?

The first point we need to look at is, of course, road accidents. But in this case, the most important thing is that we drive properly, and then no accident is our fault. Unfortunately, this is only the solution to half the problem. Another issue is something on which we have much less influence, namely weather conditions.

Snow, rain, hail and sunlight can significantly affect the lifespan of a vehicle. It is worth protecting it when not in use to reduce possible damage. Of course, the garage in which we park our car can help. But how to build a brick garage, and how much does it cost?


What makes a brick garage stand out?

Certainly none of you need to explain what the garage itself is, but it is worth highlighting its most important features. All this so that you have a clear idea of it before you make a final decision. A brick garage can be connected to the design of the house or can be built by itself.

It is worth mentioning that, as already mentioned, their main function is to protect the car from theft and weather. However, it must be emphasised that this is not the only task it can fulfil. Well, a well-designed and constructed garage can really be a great storage space.

We can store tools, garden equipment, bicycles and so on. A brick garage is a very practical and functional option. In addition, it is the most permanent solution, if you have enough space on the property, it is worth thinking about. What kind of him to choose? How much does that get us?

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Does a bricked garage require a permit?

As you can imagine, a bricked garage is considered a building and therefore the building has to be reported. It is worth noting that some choose a slightly simplified option. This is, of course, a situation in which a bricked garage is registered. What does this mean for our time?

In short, if our brick garage is located on an area of up to 35 square meters, it is possible to take a shortcut. This is a shortened administrative procedure. In this case, it is sufficient to notify us that such a project will take place and we do not need to expect approval from the authority.

This does not mean, of course, that we should inform no one at all that such a building is being built. However, you will need some printing and formalities in the office that such actions take place on your part. Remember that the lack of information about the erected building, even on your property, may be penalized by the authorities.


Brick garage – advantages

It is worth focusing on one of the most important points, namely the advantages and disadvantages of this particular solution. Let’s start with the advantages that go with this solution. The first is, of course, the robustness and longevity that perfectly protect our vehicles from theft and weather.

Another advantage worth mentioning is the aesthetics, which is really surprising compared to other options. We must also remember that such a project is perfectly tailored to your needs, so you can choose whether you need space for individual tools or whether you prefer to have a utility room.

Don’t forget that a bricked garage doesn’t actually require any maintenance from us. All because there is no wood or sheet metal that would require such a thing. In this case, you really have to make an effort to repaint your garage. This saves us time.

Pros Continuation

If it has occurred to you that this is the end of the benefits, then you are undoubtedly mistaken. We must stress that in the bricked garage there is the possibility to operate a heating system. This option will of course be useful in winter when the weather is clearly noticeable.

Let us also consider the really excellent parameters of this solution in terms of thermal insulation. This prevents warm air from escaping from the inside of the entire structure. It is worth mentioning that the bricked garage is absolutely cold resistant, so we don’t have to worry about how the autumn and winter time will happen.


Brick garage – defects

We couldn’t skip the topic, which gives you a clear overview of deciding whether it is worth choosing a brick garage. So let us look at the disadvantages of this decision, even though we can say with certainty that there are not too many of them. The first is the long construction time, especially compared to alternatives such as wood or sheet metal.

Without a doubt, when you compare a bricked garage with other options, you cannot forget the much higher costs associated with its construction. Wood and sheet metal are cheap in themselves, and the workers make their garages quickly and easily. Concrete garage can create much more problems than alternatives.

Complications occur, especially if it is a garage that is to be connected to the house. It’s about heating or installing the electrics. We must emphasize at this point that, if we heat the garage, we cause higher heating costs. It is therefore worth considering this decision you are making carefully from different angles.


Types of garage projects

After you have become familiar with the specific features of the bricked garage, it is time for more important information. Well, there are several types of bricked garages and it is worth choosing among them the most suitable option for you. However, this will be possible after a detailed characterization of each individual.

Types of bricked garages include:

  • Brick-built double garage,
  • with a carport,
  • once,
  • canopy,
  • freestanding.

From these five you have to choose the best option for you. When it comes to a double brick garage, it is chosen by the owners of more than one car. There is space for two vehicles as well as tools or bicycles and scooters.

Keep in mind that in this case, you will need to apply for a building permit. Of course, this has to do with the actually doubled area of a classic garage.

Brick-built single and semi-mounted garage

It is time to discuss the next items on our list, and that includes, of course, the desk and saddle garage. As for the first option, it has a roof with a roof. It allows an easy removal of snow and water. Ideal for places affected by frequent rainfall, especially rain and snow.

In this case, the construction costs are really low. Time for another option, namely a brick semitrailer garage. As the name suggests, it has two surfaces. They are connected in the first, which undeniably guarantees us full functionality, comfort and aesthetics. Another aspect is worth mentioning.

Well, this type of bricked garage has an attic that can be responsible for storing various items. It is a temporary storage room, but it can also be turned into a studio or a remote place. In this case, we are also talking about low costs for the realization of such a construction project, so you don’t have to be afraid.

Freestanding brick garage

If it’s a freestanding-mutated garage, we don’t have to explain how it’s built. This works best for those who have started construction but want a time lag for cost reasons. It is worth mentioning that a freestanding garage can be built at any time.

All this is not dependent on the progress of the construction of the house. This solution is also chosen if you want to buy a house without a garage or build a villa and separate the car from the rest of the property. It is worth finding out what exactly are the benefits that come from such a decision for your home. These include, of course:

  • No taking away the living space of the house,
  • lower construction costs,
  • no penetration of exhaust gases into the dwelling,
  • no need for heating the garage,
  • much lower costs for bills, heating costs,
  • to hear the sound of driving the car into the garage.

But remember, according to the law, it is considered a separate farm building. This, of course, leads to more taxes being paid for its existence.


Garages with a carport

Worth mentioning is the last item that occupies our list, namely, of course, the brick garage with carport. What distinguishes this special choice? The fact is that we have plenty of space to store both firewood and tools. It is worth mentioning that this option offers a lot of space.

If guests are in front of your door, you can provide them with a parking space under the roof. However, it is worth mentioning that this should be a temporary place for our most used car. The rest of them should be placed in a bricked garage with lock and protection from the weather.

However, it is worth mentioning that a brick garage with carport may have an extra storage room. It is ideal, for example, as a raccoon for the tools you need in your garden, or as a lawn mower and trimmer. You can also use it as a storage room for bicycles.

What are the costs of building a brick garage?

Surely, many of you are bothered by the question of what the price of a brick garage actually is. It is useful to know the prices that appear on the market, so that you can be prepared for any possibility. Therefore, we have decided to present a spread of current prices on the market in this regard. Remember, however, that prices are increasing from year to year.

It is worth being sensitive to the choice of materials to be included in your project. It is not only the cost of the garage, but also the cost of the garage. This is due to the fact that the material is more expensive, as well as the labour, which will simply be more expensive with longer and harder work.

Brick garage – price

When it comes to price ranges, the foundation of the building or making an excavation will cost us 8000 PLN. If the constructors create the roof structure and build individual walls, we can expect 15000 PLN. Add to it finishing works, all installations and the whole will amount to 40,000 PLN.


How to build a brick garage on your own?

Time for the nail on the head, that is one of the most awaited headlines in this text, of course we are talking about instructions for building a brick garage on your own. This is best done with the help of a suitable project. It can be easily and quickly purchased online. It is also worth reading the construction tips.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that self-construction also applies to the formalities. Prepare a string hung on a stick and use it to mark out the ideal area where you want your brick garage to be located. Then start creating an excavation to lay the foundations in.

The next stage is obviously to fill in the foundation for the garage, a good option for this would be to use a foundation slab. Now it’s time to lay the walls of the building in turn, and when these are stable, concentrate on roofing the whole thing. The final step is to shade the floor. And the next steps are finishing and connecting the electrics.


What is the best material to build a garage out of?

The last issue we are going to address today is the choice of materials to create the best garage. Is a brick garage really the best solution and what alternatives actually exist? Among the alternative materials, we mainly emerge wood, sheet metal and sandwich panel. Is any of them better?

Certainly, we can not admit that any of the options presented will be more durable than a brick garage. Concrete is undeniably the most solid solution. The most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to go through so many formalities when choosing a tin garage. You are certainly wondering why this is so. We answer.

It is all due to the fact that tin garages do not need a building permit. However, they do not look aesthetically pleasing and are not as durable. With a sandwich panel there is great protection from low temperatures, but the garage itself doesn’t look good. Wood, on the other hand, requires a huge amount of time and labour spent on maintenance and waterproofing.


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