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Garage Doors

Durable and safe.

The garage door protects the building against uninvited guests. Thanks to them, we have quick access to the car, but we can just as easily separate it from others. The garage door is a guarantee of safety for yourself and for people who share a house and a car with you. Check out the wide selection of garage doors.

Garage door - Comfort and security of your vehicle with the best garage door

Garage doors are undoubtedly a must havem , which must be found as a closure for our garage. It protects its interior against external factors and provides us with an additional entrance to the house. It is a practical solution that is, of course, functional.

As part of our offer, you are able to find your dream garage door as well as the front door , to which we cordially invite you. It is these two pairs of solid doors that provide us with comfort in our own home. It is our protection against burglars and thieves.

Products like garage doors need to be solid, otherwise they will be useless. Their wings should be unmovable unless they are about to open at our sign. Window-Piast garage door showroom presents a wide selection of garage doors. Choose type, style and color.

Garage side door

The garage can have a whole lot of different entrances to its interior. The space, however, should be well arranged so that we can be sure that no one will have a chance to break into it. If you think you can find the perfect garage side door, you may be able to do it in our assortment.

If you need a custom-made door with the right thickness, you've come to the right place. In our company you will find garage side doors at unbeatable prices and great quality. They allow you to go outside or inside the house directly through the door located on its side.

Side doors in the garage door theme are a very helpful solution. There is no need to open the entire door, and you just need to exit through the garage side door. They are made with considerable attention and attention to the smallest details. The price is also second to none. You can choose their color yourself.

Insulated garage door

Insulated garage doors are another option that you should decide on when it comes to installing a garage door. Side doors may have thermal insulation options, but this is not a rule and it is worth remembering. Therefore, we encourage you to read about such an interesting topic as insulated garage doors. In their case, color does not matter.

They make it possible to keep the escaping heat inside the building. Thanks to this, if the garage is connected to the house, it is rather something necessary. Therefore, side and insulated garage doors will not necessarily work well when it comes to single and free-standing garages.

Well, such buildings are simply not insulated. It makes no sense, although of course some people choose to do so. Nevertheless, the garage door and side door should keep warm air inside our garage. Such products should have this function, and for this you need functionality and tightness.

Types of garage doors

When it comes to garage doors, it is worth outlining our range in which they stand out. Among the types of garage doors we offer, we distinguish three that you can find in our offer without any problems and they are:

Overhead doors are a popular type of garage door. Their lower part opens outwards, which means that space in front of the garage will be needed. They are perfect for medium and large cars. Oak may be their main material and the color is of your choice.

Sectional doors will be a good solution if your garage faces the street. Why? Well, when opening such a product, it does not take up space in front of the garage. For this reason, sectional doors are often chosen by small car owners. What color will you choose?

The last type are, of course , roller shutter gates , which - as the name suggests - are somewhat reminiscent of window blinds. They are sold together with an electric drive. Their operation is so simple that even a child can handle it. It allows easy closing and opening. Some even send notifications and have a door closer.

Up and over gates

However, it is worth discussing each individual type a little. Our offer includes three types of garage doors. Side garage doors are also in our assortment. However, let's focus on the features of a tilting garage door.

Incredible ease of use is one of the issues that characterize it, and with it is also a very simple design. Products such as tilting doors are characterized by a relatively low cost compared to their competing models, which are also distinguished in our offer,

The assembly in this case is also quite simple and does not require too much from us. The products available are aesthetically pleasing and modern. It is worth mentioning that virtually all models can be matched by a dream color, design or a specific pattern.

Roller gates

Wanting to implement a project that will focus on ease of opening and closing. Well , roller shutter gates are like roller blinds on windows, which makes them easy to use. We have easy access to them through an electric drive. These particular garage doors do not cause heat loss, which is also a big advantage.

Of course, that's not all. This type of solutions also provides us with huge space savings, thanks to which we can use the unused space. Functionality is another aspect worth mentioning, especially with an automatic garage door.

It is also worth bearing in mind the fact that it is possible to change the style of the entire space if necessary. All because you can change the color of the gate and door, because there is a really wide selection of them on the market. Thanks to this, you are able to keep your garage in the color you choose.

Sectional gates

Sectional garage doors are the last pairs of garage doors we can offer you. Just like their predecessors, they really have many positive qualities that cannot be ignored. During both the opening and closing of the garage, the gate does not protrude in front of its face.

Of course, this is not the end of the description of our garage doors. Well, almost every gate of this type can be opened independently. This is a very useful option, especially when we get messages about a power outage. It is an option on the market that is easy to assemble with simple tools.

Color and pattern can be selected by accessing our wide offer. Due to the description of the characteristics, it is worth mentioning that thanks to the guides it has, it will greatly help protect against burglary (stronger locking). It is an evidence of tightness and has a high resistance to balancing attempts.

The leaves and doors can be opened from the top, bottom as well as from the side.

Which garage door to choose?

You are surely wondering what categories of doors will be the best for your home and garage? While we choose products such as entrance doors and exterior doors to the apartment, we think very deeply. After all, they are supposed to ensure the safety of us and our loved ones.

In the case of garage doors, the situation is quite similar. In this case, you need to pay attention to the location, desired action, handles or wings. Only after a thorough analysis will we find the most appropriate solution for ourselves. However, this is a very individual matter.

A lot depends on how much you are going to spend, but also what drive you care about. Do you prefer to open the gate yourself, or with a remote control? Remember that such questions are crucial when choosing the most suitable door for you. Ask yourself them and make up your own mind.

How much do garage doors cost?

The price ceiling of the garage door, as in the case of the garage door, is quite high. This type of products can be very poor or very richly equipped. It is worth considering their filling, thickness level, profiles and what they are made of.

Sometimes the color can also be valued higher or lower. Good doors fit into any space and are made of the best materials. Check it out and see for yourself. Oak or steel is just the beginning of the options. Therefore, the costs range from PLN 600 to even PLN 10,000.

Garage door drives

It does not matter whether the door is made of steel, panels, or whether these products have been treated with oak filling. Regardless of their thickness or color, garage doors have a variety of drives. Their types are extremely important when choosing. Check!

There are mainly:

They are selected while analyzing the parameters of the door and garage. Check for yourself and discuss your decision with a specialist.

Gates - types

Up and over gates

It is quite a popular type of garage door. Its lower part opens outwards, a this means that there will be space in front of the garage required. Tilting gates are perfect for medium and large cars.

Sectional gates

Sectional doors will be a good solution if your garage faces the street. Why? Well, when opening, such a garage door does not take up space in front of the garage. For this reason, the gates segmented ones are often chosen by owners of small cars.

Roller gates

Roller gates - as the name suggests - are somewhat reminiscent of window blinds. They are sold together with electric drive. Their operation is so simple that even a child can handle it.