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Roller blinds and shutters

Modern and safe.

Blinds or shutters?

Window blinds and roller blinds are a practical and functional alternative to curtains that do not effectively protect against sunlight. First of all, you no longer have to choose between full light from outside and almost complete darkness. In addition, you can prevent the rooms from heating up. Which option to choose, however.

Weather conditions and the interior of the house

Summer days are a wonderful time when we relax and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather. The mass of advantages of such weather factors seems endless, but unfortunately there are also downsides to it. Of course, we mean the influence of weather conditions on the interior of the apartment.

In this context, summer undeniably gives a hard time, especially in apartments with large glazing. The same problem applies to apartments located on high floors. Of course, we are talking about the sun's rays that penetrate the rooms and no curtain will stop them from working.

We mean the falling sun, which heats up the rooms, which results in the sky-high temperatures in the apartment. Roller shutters and shutters can help to prevent this from happening. However, what are the characteristics of each of these options? Which option will be more suited to your needs?

What are blinds?

Roller shutters act as a shield against sunlight, but also have anti-burglary functions. Therefore, they can make an attempt to rob an apartment much more difficult, even for the most skilled thieves. They can also focus their actions on simply decorating the rooms. It all depends on the type of this assortment.

We distinguish four types of products and they include:

The first option is intended for interior decoration. These are fabric blinds that are mounted in a bead or string system. It is not a highly functional solution, because their purpose is to decorate a given arrangement.

Pleated blinds are a very functional option of window covers. The upper and lower roller shutter profile can be lowered in it. In this way, we have the opportunity to freely decide how much light we want to let into the room.

Roller blinds in a cassette, anti-burglary and free-hanging

As for the cassette solution , it is distinguished by the fact that the material shaft is hidden in an aluminum or PVC cassette. This solution protects the fabric of the blinds against contamination much better.

burglary roller shutters are undoubtedly a product that needs no introduction. Of course, they belong to the branch of external roller shutters. They are quite a nuisance for burglars, and in addition, they perfectly protect the glazing against unfavorable weather conditions.

The last on our list are, of course, free-hanging blinds . It is undeniably the simplest system in which material is glued to an aluminum cross tube. These are, of course, internal blinds, and their installation can be performed on the wall, ceiling or window frame. It all depends on the model and your preferences.

What are the window blinds?

Since we have discussed the subject of roller shutters at length, there was nothing left for us to do but to characterize the blinds. These, like their predecessors, can be both external and external. In this case, however, design is much more important, so it's worth checking which option you like more.

In this case, we select, first of all:

The first of these items is, of course, quite popular and no wonder. They are heavier than other types, but have the ability to set the desired angle of light. What's more, they heat up quite poorly when exposed to light.

Venetian blinds are perfect for large surfaces, enabling protection against light and giving the option of controlling it. They are mounted on facades and in such a situation their further advantage is the support of air conditioning by acting as an insulator.

Vertical blinds, bamboo and aluminum

Vertical blinds are those very characteristic of offices and schools. Rarely, someone decides to install them at home, but it is not prohibited. Their construction is quite delicate, so you have to be careful not to damage them when you pull them harder.

Another solution can be found in bamboo blinds, which are an alternative to wooden options. However, they are undoubtedly lighter and will be perfect for ecological solutions. They look like their alternative.

Aluminum blinds occupy the last place on our list. They fit perfectly into modern arrangements, which definitely connects them with aluminum windows . What's more, they are also characterized by incredible durability and reliability, which is why they can be treated as an investment.

Blinds and blinds - which option is better?

If you want to choose the best solution for yourself, it is worth being guided by where you choose it. Office (vertical) blinds will undoubtedly work in schools and offices. However, in the case of single-family houses with large glazing, we advise you to put on anti-burglary roller blinds on the windows, which will protect the glazing against burglars and the weather.

Classic roller shutters are also used on the upper floors of apartment blocks, where the sun makes itself felt a little more intensely. If you want to choose blinds in this situation, it is best to bet on

the free-hanging or anti-theft ones.

Both blinds and shutters are a great decision if you know what you want. We don't always need the greatest anti-burglary protection. Sometimes you can safely focus only on interior decorations with the use of appropriate window covers. Modern blinds and decorative blinds are a great choice for your home.