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In the beginning, there was a window...

Okno-Piast - origins

It all started when two brothers built a house and bought windows. The windows they bought did not meet their expectations, so they decided to manufacture windows themselves and share the high-quality product with others. It is because of this one, inconspicuous situation in 1992 the company Okno-Piast was established in Wołów.

Today, its owner is CEO Piotr Kolodziej. For nearly 30 years now Thirty years, Okno-Piast has been manufacturing PVC and aluminium window and door joinery. What is more, modern solutions from aluminium give many possibilities when creating constructions of untypical shapes and large dimensions. Of untypical shapes and large dimensions. Our offer also includes sectional gates, roller Our offer also includes sectional gates, roller blinds, glazing bars, winter gardens or windowsills, which are a complement to the comprehensive complex care of residential investments.

Okno-Piast – our objectives

One of the main values we are guided by in both production and service service is the high quality of offered services. We are constantly developing to fully meet the expectations of expectations of our partners and customers. Almost from the very beginning of Okno-Piasta's operations, we have been trusted by domestic and European developers and construction companies, with whom we have completed residential and industrial investments. Our customers are also families, to whom we have been able to offer our products. We also strive for continuous development, we observe today's trends and needs, constantly adapting our product range to them.

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Customer satisfaction with our products is our priority. We know how important an undertaking it is to buy joinery for a single-family house or a large housing estate. Being on the market for so many years, we have so important and necessary experience to be able to professionally and reliable advice to those who have decided to work with us.

Piotr Kołodziej

CEO of Okno-Piast Wołów

Our team consists of people who have many years of experience, passion, and commitment to the development of the company. In addition, we are not afraid to take up challenges or introduce changes, which are our motivation to even more effective actions.


Professional service

We know that the trust placed in us by customers who decide to cooperation with us is a big commitment for us. For this reason, we consistently support them with our experience and knowledge at We consistently support them with our experience and knowledge at every stage of the investment.

Above all, we are not afraid of challenges in our work. This is why we systematically implement modern technologies into our production process.



For nearly 30 years, we have been working on the high quality of our windows and doors and the services we provide. To sum up, a satisfied customer is our priority.

Key events in the company's history