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For 30 years, we have been creating window and door joinery, taking care of the smallest details, and first of all, about the safety that our products are supposed to provide.

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Okno-Piast - Manufacturer of PVC and aluminium windows

We have been manufacturing windows and doors for many years. We provide our customers with measurements, designing and valuing joinery, its production and assembly on the construction site. Within the framework of cooperation, we also guarantee service.

30 years of experience

30 years of experience

professional service

professional service


high quality

high quality

high quality


Manufacturer of windows and doors for almost three decades

The producer of windows and the door, Okno-Piast believes that our mission is to create solutions that will respond to the needs of the most demanding customers. In addition, we make sure that they are environmentally friendly, for example through greenline technology and cooperation with Profine. We have been present on the market since 1992. During this time, we have completed hundreds of projects, both in Poland and abroad. We have trust from developers, investors, and home and flat owners to whom we deliver our products. We have been appreciated by German companies that have been appreciating our precision and commitment for years.

When you decide to cooperate with us, you don't just buy doors or windows. You choose health, safety, and savings. Why? Buying from us is an investment that will pay for itself quickly. Few people realize how much money through leaky doors and windows. Thanks to our products, you will reduce heating costs and at the same time you will not freeze on long, frosty evenings.

Here you will find all the joinery for your investment: windows, entrance doors, roller shutters, window sills and garage doors. Our technology is there for you. That is why in our offer you will find window systems:

Manufacturer of windows and doors - our offer

As a manufacturer of doors and windows, we do not only deal with them, but also all the surrounding facilities. Well, you will actually find doors and windows in our company, as well as window and door systems. Muntin bars, window sills, various types of garage doors, as well as roller shutters and shutters - all of this you will find in the company Okno-Piast. A variety of colors, sizes, and patterns are just the beginning, from which you can choose when looking for what you need in our offer. Interestingly, our services also include the assembly of the assortment we sell. Our offer is constantly expanding, as we follow today's trends and needs, which only grow with time.

Having operated for 30 years, we have acquired knowledge and experience in many areas. We want to share them with you, with our clients. For such a long time, responding to the needs of our customers, we have improved our windows, doors, the entire range, and the way we operate. For this reason, we can confidently assure you that we will be happy to help you with your doubts about selecting the right equipment. We will send out our suggestions and listen to yours so that you are satisfied at the end of our cooperation.

Manufacturer of windows and doors - quality acquired over the years

In Poland, door and window manufacturers focus on selling their products as much as possible. By offering gigantic discounts, they lower market prices, which in the end is most often associated with a loss of quality. We, as a producer of windows and doors, are aware that it is possible and even necessary to act differently. We do not expect high sales results without taking care of the reliability of our products. Although we do not win with price every time, we always triumph with quality. Our company knows that the quality that we offer to you is highly valued because it is reliably made of durable materials. So whether the windows or doors will last for many years.

Interestingly, as much as over 30 percent of our clients come to us by recommendation. Most frequently in the case of investors and developers, such cooperation is of a long-term nature. This confirms our belief that we do solid and recommendable work. Nothing motivates us more than satisfied customers who come back to us for more services because they noticed the quality and results of our work. We know that the client has his idea of ​​what he comes to us should look like. We are characterized by great openness and the fact that we can listen. Thanks to these skills, we efficiently analyse the information provided, finding the best solution for our clients. It is in our competence to make them as satisfied as possible after the purchase.